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As our community looks to broaden their reach in Southern California, the San Fernando Hunter Jumper Association has changed its name to Southern California Horse Show Association in an effort to promote, grow and support the horse show industry throughout the region.

Initially established in 1977, the original San Fernando Hunter Jumper Association was created to provide its members with the ability to compete at top-level horseshows in the local region. For over 40 years, the San Fernando Hunter Jumper Association has recognized riders at all levels with unique and top quality year-end awards honoring our members while serving our local community.

Today, the new Southern California Horse Show Association (SCHSA) strives to continue what was started by the San Fernando Hunter Jumper Association, while offering additional opportunities in the promotion and development of both established and future equestrians in all divisions. SCHSA will continue to offer medal championships, a double pointed show at a wide range of top equestrian venues for our members to attend.

SCHSA strives to pave the way to a stronger association with new venues, sponsored awards, and a renewed board of professionals, amateurs and dedicated volunteers to maintain the rich history of the association and champion our esteemed members who have grown up riding and competing across the region, home to some of the top national champions in the sport.


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